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How Do You Assess Church Health?

I have started wondering about church health. I was looking at an article on church planting. About how we set goals for church plants that few can reach. The article said we need to lower the bar for success. I did not see what bars the author wanted to lower, but I am thinking ones that the bible allows to be lowered. This sets the stage for how do you determine the health of the church, because if there are bars that can be lowered we are not judging church health through a biblical perspective.

I should clarify the use of “church.” What I really mean for the most part is the congregation. Sometimes we judge congregations based on unfair expectations, so lately I’ve been trying to read the Bible and do my studies with an eye towards: What the Bible says about Church Health. I’ve really just started this study and it will likely continue for the next few months. I haven’t even started reading directly for the question. I’m just doing my daily reading and asking the question when I do my study.

So Why this post about Church Health?

Well, I wanted to get other people looking at the same thing. I want you to keep an eye out during your time of reading and studying the Bible. If you have an idea or a thought write it down. Think about it. Pray about it. re-write it and then post a comment below. I’d love to have some verses to read and think about.

NT Wright on Bible Study

N.T. Wright is one of my favorite authors. I’ve just started reading his books really, but I find that he opens my eyes to things I’ve missed. I’m planning on doing a post about bible study soon and while researching that I found this video. I hope you enjoy!