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Why do Christians appear apathetic towards bullying?

I’ve been looking at this whole anti-bullying thing for a while and I’ve wondered why we as the Church aren’t stepping up to be involved. I realize some are involved, but it doesn’t seem the church as a whole has spoken out. I can tell you Jesus does not support Bullying. Love is the foundation of all that the Church is and love doesn’t bully.

I see one of the main reason the Church doesn’t get involved is because we don’t want to seem pro LGBT. Well the truth of the matter is we should get involved and be pro-Christ, People, and love. If God called us all by our sin, instead of by our name, we wouldn’t like it. We can keep all our values and still love people who sin… its kind of what we’re called to do.

If you want to read an article that’s better written, but on the same topic, check out: Why Christians are Pro-Bullying

I’ve Been in a funk!

So, I haven’t updated this site in a while. I was hoping to be posting once a week with a decent post and maybe a few blurbs 2 or 3 times a week. It just hasn’t happened.

Part of that is I just haven’t been reading like I want to and I don’t feel like it. So instead of forcing myself; I just waited it out. I’m starting to feel the need to read again which is great! I’m going to start back with my weekly reading of John. A small group of us at church are trying to read the book of john every week. Its just something to help us be in the Word and give us a common place to meditate.

My personal goal is to read John about 4 times before I start really trying to dig deep into the meanings (this week will be my fourth time). That should give me a good basis for knowing exactly what is in the book, so that I can look for future meanings of passage mentioned early in the book.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings. I felt the need to post something.

Site Outage

Well, if you noticed that the site was down for a bit today and yesterday. It was because my DNS provider does not like @ in the reference box for cnames. I replaced the @ with and everything is working as expect.