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London Broil

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Time To Get Healthy

Over the past two years i’ve grown in many ways. I am a better person for the most part, but one way i have grown has made me an unhappy and unhealthy person. My weight has risen to a new level of obesity. I have gained over 60 pounds and at the threshold of 400 pounds I’ve decided I need to make a healthy lifestyle change. Read more

How I Track My Progress

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Progress tracking is very important to accomplishing your goals. You have to set goals and then track your progress towards those goals. Below I hope to explain how I track my progress towards a healthy lifestyle.

Some Goals are easy to track. I want to bench press 405 pounds within a year. I use and Fitocracy to record my workouts. it is very easy to look at a number and see if it is bigger than last week and do a little math and see what percent of my goal weight it is.

Some Goals are not as easy to track. My body fat percentage is one of them. I do not trust any of the methods I have available to track it accurately. So instead I treat it as an estimate. I use 2 devices: my scale, GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale, and a handheld device, Omron Body Fat Analyzer. They differ by about 10%, but I always record the scale’s measurement because it is higher and motivates me to work harder.

One of my goals is to start tracking my measurements in inches. I’ll probably use for this as well. I hope after a few weeks of tracking and research to set goals for this as well.

My philosophy on goal tracking is to record often, but to look with a perspective of time. So I may weigh and do body fat weekly, but I look for trends over the course of the month.

Let me know how you track progress below in the comments!