I Bought a Bike!

I have wanted to buy a motorcycle for a while now and with my finances coming into line and my debt all but cleared. (I’m taking advantage of “same as cash” on one CC) I have decided now is the time. I asked a friend to start looking for me and he found a nice starter bike for me. I bought a Kawasaki Vulcan 800 classic for about $2000. It needs a bit of work but functions great. I’d also like to announce I just bought my first vehicle for which I paid cash. I think that felt as good as knocking an item off my bucket list. I really like my bike and I’m looking forward to learning to ride it. My friend is helping me with that as well.

Of course Murphy had to rear his head in all this as well. As my friend was driving it back to his place to garage it for me a cover fell off and broke, and I decided it was time to get new tires for my truck. I now have a CC that is not same as cash that I need to pay off. Instead of taking the money out of the E-Fund I think i’m just going to pay it off next month instead of contributing to the E-fund.

Enjoy a few pics of my bike:

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