What does it mean to be the King?

Think Robinhood.

  • The King Provides the food
  • The King provides money
  • The King provides the laws
  • The King is the Judge
  • The King provides protection
  • The people in the kingdom are allowed to live because the King allows them too.
  • The King has absolute authority to do as he wishes.

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I’ve just been hunger for #breakfast lately. #food #bacon

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#food #bacon

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London Broil

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Time To Get Healthy

Over the past two years i’ve grown in many ways. I am a better person for the most part, but one way i have grown has made me an unhappy and unhealthy person. My weight has risen to a new level of obesity. I have gained over 60 pounds and at the threshold of 400 pounds I’ve decided I need to make a healthy lifestyle change. Read more